"na vidieku" ("in rural")
Picture by Button @ lomography.sk. Camera: LC-A. Film: Redscale XR 50-200 35mm.
Artist:       Unit-E
Album:        Beats, Love & Unit​-​E
Release date: May 24th, 2011
Label:        Trust in Dust
Available for free download here

New beats coming out each day... 

Back in 2009 Unit-E put together a collection of 9 tracks that finally have been discovered and released two years later on May 24th, 2011 on Trust In Dust label. 

Luckily Beats, Love & Unit-E did not loose anything while waiting two years for the official release and the journeying beats & electronica that the album is filled with is remaining topical. Nice chilly hip-hop beats accompanied by the elements of soul ('Believe') and reminiscents of late 90's Vienna downtempo movement ('The Rhythm') and occasional descent vocal samples would be a perfect headphones soundtrack for summer evening walks on the river Danube bank even in 1999 as well as these days. 

Well, not much experiments and not much new found here, but if you look for relaxed beats produced with uncompromising skills for the moments when you need to cool down, Beats, Love & Unit-E is definitely worth to try.

Grab your own copy for free here. J.
Artist:       Bandshell
EP:           Bandshell
Release date: May 30th, 2011
Label:        teaandcakerecords

Teaandcakerecords is a small independent label based in Hereford & Blackburn U.K. EP "Bandshell" by Bandshell that they released today is the third EP released on the label, following releases by Brotto, Grassland EP and Brotto Remixes.

5 tracks EP Badnshell's opener "Peel It (Hour String)" won't let you in any hesitation that this guy definitely "wants to make his own fucking music" and that he means it pretty serious. Agressive broken beats surrounded by disturbing sounds are fluently transforming to the amazing beats making lesson in second track "Midas".
Starting with "Memories Of Melting Ice", Bandshell is taking the listener to dark, deep space full of massive beats in somehow slower tempo in comparison to the first half of the EP. In the days when big dubstep labels are investigating the possibilities of mixing beats with even more soul vocals, r'n'b influences and even pop melodies, Bandshell EP is taking the oposite direction to the roots of the broken beats and underground electronic music bringing the term "leftfield electronica" to the game. More than worth to listen!

Grab your own copy available for free download and enjoy this massive ride! J.
Maximus is almost 30 years old guy from Paris, France. Influenced by Dilla, Pete Rock or Quadron he started to cook his own abstract beats something about 6 or 7 years ago. 

Having his pockets way too full of chilly, calm catchy beats full of light and love, Maximus decided to release his very first digital EP "Beats4Her" and make it available for free download through bandcamp.com in 320k mp3 as well as in FLAC.

Find yourself a time and discover beats of Maximus on this warm early summer evening, I bet you'll love it... ;) Enjoy, J.

Btw., = pssst, secret...do not tell to any record label he's still not signed...and even do not tell them he has tons of beats in his pockets still... but if you tell, do not forget to say Maximus can be found and contacted on Facebook as well as by email to maximusbeats1@gmail.com ;) 
Artist:     The Electric
Label:      Organically Grown Sounds
Artist web: electricsoundcompany.com

The Electric is a hip-hop project comprising Dj Vadim, a veteran presence in the DJ community, together with lyricist Pugs Atomz and singer Sabira Jade. On March 14th, 2011 The Electric released their debut album Life Is Moving on record label Organically Grown Sounds owned by Vadim and Yarah Bravo, which was well received by various music magazines (Clash Magazine, Rap News, Soul Culture, etc.).

On May 27th, Vadim and his collective released a new video for their computer game-inspired hip-hop track, 'Toot Toot', which is due for release on June 13. Enjoy this work of art! J.

Good news coming from electronic music producer Lorn this afternoon. It is just something about 1 hour ago that Lorn proudly announced that he signed to Ninja Tune on his official Facebook fan page

What else to say? Nothing less than much desereved! Congrats!
Artist:     Foolk
Genre:      wonky, glitch-hop, hip-hop, idm
Label:      Deadred Records
Artist web: foolk.net

Foolk is an experimental music producer from Slovak Republic. His music is like colourful trip to the sphere of micro-sampling, cut beats and purposeful sound destruction. Beat-maker Foolk shows, what wonky means. Glitch-hop, glitchtronica, experimental subgenres of hip-hop and crazy synthetic soundscapes. Performing live, Foolk usually uses Monome device and laptop with Max/MSP software. Do not hesitate and get educated by this gifted guy... ;)

Foolk's selected discography:
2009 | Lush Hour EP | 56Stuff Records | mp3
2008 | Red Pills For Daddy LP | Deadred Records & Starcastic | CD Album
2008 | Living Room Pieces | last.fm | mp3 Album
2008 | Red Pills For Daddy (HandMade Remix), FreshStyle 2008 Compilation | CD
2008 | Space Blues ft. Bene | Ajlavmjuzik, Modre hory Mixtape | mp3
2007 | Bleep Bleep EP, Vlna Compilation | CD
2007 | Kubko EP | Surreal Madrid | mp3
2006 | Bar, 56Stuff Records | Different Listening 3 Compilation | CD
2005 | Something Like Jazz EP | Node Records | mp3
Loving Norway the same way as I do...? Need to cool down a bit in a hot late spring evening? Well, then dive deep into the doom-drenched collection of surrealism from Mr. Erik K. Skodvin. Enjoy!
Original post, tracklist and more info about the set @ Typerecords
Svarte Greiner (Erik K. Skodvin) @ last.fm
Artist:       Gwerkova
Genre:        glam, idm, ambient
Record Label: EXITAB
Artist web:   facebook.com/gwerkova

Photo: Vandit

Petrzalka is one of the boroughs full of buildings built from concrete panels joined together to form the structure, which were widely deployed throughout the Eastern Bloc during the communist era. Somewhere here, on the south bank of river Danube in slovak capital Bratislava on the street named by A.I.Gwerkova and in a rental flat shared by two girls - Gaspi a Zsuzsi, the story of Gwerkova begins...

Both girls experienced in other music projects decided to collect such music ideas, which seemed to be useless concepts for their other bands. Going from unplugged to electro-folk, to pop and afterwards to ambient, Gwerkova found its current sound in 2010, when the electronic music producer Jani Ürögi joined the band. 
Later in October 2010, Gwerkova released their very first EP, 6Ears on indie label Exitab (formerly ExitLabel). 6Ears EP finally presents Gwerkova as a band creating more spherical music combining with electro,-folk,-IDM,-dunkelpop,-field recording or experimental elements. Dreamy but still disturbing EP surely deserves to exceed the borders of small ex-East-block country...

Take your chance to listen to this fresh music - 6Ears EP is free to download directly from EXITAB label webpage.

Enjoy the sounds, J.
Artist: 2562

Album: Fever

Label: When In Doubt

Could it be that the future of dubstep would be hidden in the 70s and 80s disco records? 

Dutchman Dave Huismans challenged himself to find the answer to this question and released the results of his experimental investigation on April 4th, 2011 in form of his 3rd LP, Fever on his own label When In Doubt.

The fact Mr Huismans moved pretty far from the dark, heavy dubstep waters that he dived into on his debut LP Aerial as well as he left all thw two-step and garage rythms served to listeners on following release, Unbalance can be felt already in album opener full of broken beats, Winamp Melodrama. 
If you would like to taste all the essences of this unique dubstape cake made out of disco dough, take the opportunity and listen to the full length release. Enjoy! j.