on.a.raod.in.and.out. is nothing more than a road trip story. photo story. collection of pictures taken on different places over one half of year in my life. on the roads and highways between Topolcany, my hometown, Bratislava, the place I've lived for last 4 years, Vienna, the city that I thank for so many beautiful memories and faitfull looks to future and Linz, home town of my hase. in and out of a car. 
on.a.road.in.and.out. is a collection of my very first pics I have taken with my Spinner on my very first 10 rolls of KODAK 35 film. gallery of pictures of me and various places that I liked for some reason, pictures of architecture, of people and of the ones i love for some reason. I know there's much to improve heh, but I hope some of you could maybe like some of my first tries and if so I would be glad if you will not feel to be shy to leave me a comment at bellow of this post and if you would feel absolutely free to share my pictures further :).

hope you'll enjoy. J.

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