Artist:     Foolk
Genre:      wonky, glitch-hop, hip-hop, idm
Label:      Deadred Records
Artist web: foolk.net

Foolk is an experimental music producer from Slovak Republic. His music is like colourful trip to the sphere of micro-sampling, cut beats and purposeful sound destruction. Beat-maker Foolk shows, what wonky means. Glitch-hop, glitchtronica, experimental subgenres of hip-hop and crazy synthetic soundscapes. Performing live, Foolk usually uses Monome device and laptop with Max/MSP software. Do not hesitate and get educated by this gifted guy... ;)

Foolk's selected discography:
2009 | Lush Hour EP | 56Stuff Records | mp3
2008 | Red Pills For Daddy LP | Deadred Records & Starcastic | CD Album
2008 | Living Room Pieces | last.fm | mp3 Album
2008 | Red Pills For Daddy (HandMade Remix), FreshStyle 2008 Compilation | CD
2008 | Space Blues ft. Bene | Ajlavmjuzik, Modre hory Mixtape | mp3
2007 | Bleep Bleep EP, Vlna Compilation | CD
2007 | Kubko EP | Surreal Madrid | mp3
2006 | Bar, 56Stuff Records | Different Listening 3 Compilation | CD
2005 | Something Like Jazz EP | Node Records | mp3

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