Artist: 2562

Album: Fever

Label: When In Doubt

Could it be that the future of dubstep would be hidden in the 70s and 80s disco records? 

Dutchman Dave Huismans challenged himself to find the answer to this question and released the results of his experimental investigation on April 4th, 2011 in form of his 3rd LP, Fever on his own label When In Doubt.

The fact Mr Huismans moved pretty far from the dark, heavy dubstep waters that he dived into on his debut LP Aerial as well as he left all thw two-step and garage rythms served to listeners on following release, Unbalance can be felt already in album opener full of broken beats, Winamp Melodrama. 
If you would like to taste all the essences of this unique dubstape cake made out of disco dough, take the opportunity and listen to the full length release. Enjoy! j.

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