324 is a site specific project created by Slovak visual artist and movie director Daniela Krajčová and studio Platform 1-12. Project, which was realized in the public space of the undperpass under the Bus station and Railway station in Topoľčany, is the authors´ reaction to the history of the place and to tragedy of Jewish Holocaust.

In the past, the original Jewish ghetto was located in the parts where the authors has realized the project. Approximately one third of the population in Topoľčany before the World War II. was Jewish. The deportations of Jews to the concentration camps during the World War II. followed by violent pogrom caused disappearance of the Jewish religious community from Topoľčany. There have been just one building preserved from the original Jewish ghetto. 2799 Jews from Topoľčany did not survive holocaust. The list of the victims was published by Yehoshua Robert Büchler in his book Židovská náboženská obec v Topoľčanoch: počiatky, rozvoj, zánik Yehoshua Robert Büchler (Slovenské národné múzeum - Múzeum židovskej kultúry, 1996). The list contains 324 Jewish surnames. Authors of the project has transferred this list onto walls of the underpass situated under one of the stations that the Jewish deportations took place from. 

The authors have invented their own visual code to display the surnames of Jewish victims on the walls -- so called „architectural alphabet". They have created visual codes of 24 basic letter of alphabet by splitting an historic picture of the New Synagogue in Topoľčany into 24 small fragments. The New Synagogue in Topoľčany was built in 19th century in neoclassical style and served its sacral function until the last Jews have disappeared  from Topoľčany in 1944. The architectural alphabet made of fragments of the historic picture of the building enabled the authors to combine them into the surnames. Afterwards they have applied the coded surnames on the walls of the underpass by using the technique of painting over the template. This way they created an unobtrusive decorative belt which is supplemented by the structure of human figures representing the number of deaths attributable to various surnames. The human figures have been re-drawn from the opening scene of movie Shop On Main Street (Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos, Československo, 1965), in which the citizens of small slovak town are walking around the square in a calm atmosphere before the start of Jewish transports.

The virtual re-installation of project "324" in augmented reality is the part of Asking Architecture -- Czech and Slovak Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia 2012.

Have you seen bob? is a global photographic project, an open exhibition created by tinlizard as part of the promotion for their upcoming book. tinlizard are Richard Legg and Jacob Woods-Maher, artists that undertake corporate and private commissions in a wide range of styles and media. 

On July 30th 2011 the "Have you seen Bob" project moved to another level. To the space of multimedia. 

I am proud to announce the fresh new release of french beat maker, musician and producer Maximus, Find My Way EP containing four nicely chilled trippy ambient tracks inspired and dedicated to the photostories of Bob.
Thanks to Maximus, Cecile Arend and Richard Legg for supporting my idea of this EP. Great job!

The EP "Find My Way" is available for free download here.

"Find My Way" EP produced by Maximus (Maximus on Facebook)
Vocals by Cecile Arend. (Cecile on Facebook)
Release date: July 30th, 2011
EP concept idea and picture included in Find My Way Video by Julo Kristof. (Julo on Facebook)
"Have you seen Bob" open exhibition created by Richard Legg and Jacob Woods-Maher. (Like Have you seen Bob on Facebook).

1. Lost in Her
2. Take Me High
3. The Journey
4. Find My Way

Enjoy, J.
Call me a lazy blogger... 

The truth is I am a bit more busy these days with my professional life at work. The forthcoming audit at the company I work for is a pretty time consuming issue and therefore not even that I do not have enough time to finally finish and publish the artickles I work on, I even had to postpone the start of my private summer to a bit later term. :)

Surely, that does not mean I do not walk the streets of my city with eyes open and I do not listen to sounds that surrounds us and that I do not pick up the interesting stuff from the pavements anymore.. Therefore, I collected a few small picks I have collected within last week and offer them to you for a lazy summer Sunday...

Make you a nice comfortable place in the garden next to the pool, wet your lips with a cold tasty wine, relax and have a look on a few recommendations of what to LISTEN to, what to SEE and what to READ. 

Enjoy, J.
What to LISTEN
a collection of tracks, sounds and mixes I liked recently

A pilot single from forthcoming album of Bjork is scheduled to be released on 30th June and Bjork is offering to her fans a small teasers, so that they have some clue what to expect. Check the video bellow to see how inovative in sound enginnering Bjork still is. They  gutted Bjork's old celeste and replaced the notes with custom made bronze notes and made it midi-compatible so it could be played remotely by an ipap... amazing.
Even sooner than Bjork, on 27th June a debut album of a french musician Quentin LaRoux, I don't want to be an Emporer is going to be released on Bellring label under the name of Quentin's alter ego Hugo Kant. If you already read my review of this amazing album and had a chance to listen to some of the tracks of Hugo Kant, you already know that Quentin is more than a gifted producer. Listen to his last mix called "Daylight" on Mixcloud and you will learn, Quentin is an excellent DJ as well. The Daylight mix is a perfect jazzy soundtrack for lazy trippy summer afternoon. Enjoy! (And do not forget to read the review of Hugo Kant's album if you missed it here.)
What to READ
a collection of artickles and interviews I liked recently

The hottest bunny painting the bunnies...

Andrej Dubravsky is a slovak queer artist born on 30th July, 1987. At his age of 24, Andrej (currently studying at Academy of fine arts and design, Department of painting and other media, 4th studio of prof. I. Csudai, Bratislava, SK) is becoming a worldwide known gay artist whose works are positively received by critics as well as by art fans.

Read an interview with Andrej in last issue of Doopler magazine at http://www.doopler.com.ar/. Do not forget to check some of Andrej's paintings in the What to SEE section of this post.

It is not a long time ago that I have posted an artickle about last photo exhibition of siberian born artist Slava Mogutin, Suddenly Last Summer.

If you're interested in how it comes that a writer and poet turns into visual artist or why was granted by political asylum by USA back 1995, what inspires him and which young artist he likes, read and interview with Slava in last issue of DIRTY magazine at http://dirty-mag.com/v2/?p=468.

What to SEE
a collections of photography and fine art stuff I liked recently

In the galleryt bellow you can find the paintings of Andrej Dubravsky, that you can read about in the "What to READ" section of this post. In addition, you can find some amazing shots by a slovak amateur photographer, a very good friend of me, Tatiana Siskova. See more of their works at ANDREJDUBRAVSKY.COM and TATIANAFOTO.
"Siberian-born artist and writer Slava Mogutin was exiled from Russia for his queer writings and activism at the age of 21. In 1995, he was granted political asylum in the US with the support of Amnesty International and PEN American Center. 

He is the author of two hardcover monographs of photography, Lost Boys and NYC Go-Go, and seven books of writings published in Russian. In the past decade, Mogutin’s photography and multimedia work has been exhibited internationally, including MoMA/P.S.1 and Museum of Art and Design in New York, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, The Haifa Museum of Art in Israel, and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (MUSAC) in Spain. Mogutin’s work has been featured in a wide range of publications including The New York Times, The Village Voice, Whitewall, Modern Painters, ArtUS, Vice, i-D, V, Visionaire, L’Uomo Vogue, Stern, and L’Officiel Hommes" (Bio taken from SLAVA MOGUTIN PHOTOGRAPHY Facebook Fan Page.)
Slava Mogutin - Sticks and Stoned (2011)

"In Slava Mogutin's Suddenly Last Summer, 25 photographic images of male subjects are set in traces of blurred summer color. They are taken with a Holga camera, whose plastic lens delivers the type of experimental accidents for which Jack Smith and Stan Brakhage strove. The resulting light-leaks and double-exposures allow Mogutin a new impressionist vision where a rich and refracted spectrum is layered into the penetrating light of day.

These images are not erotic per se but emotional – an expression of love's natural freedom as opposed to repression's unnatural grip. In perfect contrast to Sebastian's horrifying noonday martyrdom in Williams' Suddenly, Last Summer, Mogutin's subjects live and perform in the open, in brilliant air, in full color and natural light.

Slava Mogutin's luminous pictures celebrate a polychrome Eden that has actually, largely arrived." Diego Cortez
Slava Mogutin - Sky (2011)

Slava Mogutin presented his last photographic work containing 25 photographic images of male subjects that are set in traces of blurred summer color at AS IF gallery, Harlem on June 4th 2011. 'Suddenly Last Summer' title is inspired by the classic Tennessee Williams play about repressed homosexuality, lobotomy and cannibalism. 

All pictures have been taken with Lomography's Holga camera, whose plastic lens delivers the type of experimental accidents well known for all the analogue photography lovers. The exhibition at AS IF is open till June 25th, 2011. 

In a conjunction with the show AS IF presents a limited edition artist portfolio in a boxed set of 25 chromogenic color prints, 5″ × 5″ each, signed and numbered on the verso, in an edition of 25.
Slava Mogutin - Rock Bottom (2011)

If you're lucky to be in Harlem these days, go and check Slava Mogutin's exhibition at AS IF gallery. The few examples of Suddenly Last Summer pictures that you can see are promising you will see arguably most personal and poetic body of work of Slava Mogutin to date. For more information visit slavamogutin.blogspot.com and www.slavamogutin.com.

Slava Mogutin - Shower Head (2011)

Slava Mogutin - Sunny Side (2011)

"klásky" ("spikelets")
Picture by hilarion @ lomography.sk. Camera: Diana F+, pinhole . Film: Redscale XR 50-200 
Album: Urban Traffic Compilation
Artist: various
Label: ajlávmjuzik
Free download: click here

12 artists. 1 extra fine audio ride with 12 stops. CD METROPOLA was produced in limited quantity as a part of diploma work of Lukáš Jakubis, that time student at University of fine arts in Bratislava. The complete result of this unique admirable project includes pictures, video, a book and this music compilation. Twelve slovak music producers used a sound bank full of samples of various industrial vehicles, public transport ticket markers, and other sounds of traffic in slovak capital Bratislava as the base for their works.

The project contributors decided to offer the digital release of METROPOLA CD for free downoload at slovak label AJLÁVMJUZIK. The digital release includes the CD cover, printable pdfs of the cover and the sound bank od the used samples. The contributors are encourage the listeners for free sharing and creative attitude ;) 

Must have. j.
Video: METROPOLA by robertzelenak @ youtube Music: KARAOKE TUNDRA 'trnavské mýto'
Urban Traffic Compilation list of contributors:

Casi Cada Minuto
click to listen Karaoke Tundra 'trnavské mýto'
Batcha Demental
Zaz Ras