Have you ever seen Bob? 

Bob is a guy that could be any guy you ever met on your trips around the world or within the depth of your fantasy. Straight, queer, sad, funny... Bob can be anyone you want him to be as well as he could be yourself... Bob is a cardboard character that lomographers and photographers from different parts of the world are turning into living object in their pictures...

Have you seen bob? is a global photographic project, an open exhibition created by tinlizard as part of the promotion for their upcoming book. tinlizard are Richard Legg and Jacob Woods-Maher, artists that undertake corporate and private commissions in a wide range of styles and media. 

It's just something less than two weeks, since Bob became my roomate and companion in my everyday life and I am looking forward to share my pics of Bob with you. First rolls are being processed already, come back soon to check the results in my:w0rks gallery.

For more information about tinlizard's Have you seen Bob? project, as well as for the instructions how to join the project click the picture at the top of the post.

TTYL, j & BOB ;)

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