Artist:       Gwerkova
Genre:        glam, idm, ambient
Record Label: EXITAB
Artist web:   facebook.com/gwerkova

Photo: Vandit

Petrzalka is one of the boroughs full of buildings built from concrete panels joined together to form the structure, which were widely deployed throughout the Eastern Bloc during the communist era. Somewhere here, on the south bank of river Danube in slovak capital Bratislava on the street named by A.I.Gwerkova and in a rental flat shared by two girls - Gaspi a Zsuzsi, the story of Gwerkova begins...

Both girls experienced in other music projects decided to collect such music ideas, which seemed to be useless concepts for their other bands. Going from unplugged to electro-folk, to pop and afterwards to ambient, Gwerkova found its current sound in 2010, when the electronic music producer Jani Ürögi joined the band. 
Later in October 2010, Gwerkova released their very first EP, 6Ears on indie label Exitab (formerly ExitLabel). 6Ears EP finally presents Gwerkova as a band creating more spherical music combining with electro,-folk,-IDM,-dunkelpop,-field recording or experimental elements. Dreamy but still disturbing EP surely deserves to exceed the borders of small ex-East-block country...

Take your chance to listen to this fresh music - 6Ears EP is free to download directly from EXITAB label webpage.

Enjoy the sounds, J.

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