"The first European show of my EU tour this June was in Graz Austria for the Springfestival. I played alongside Dorian Concept, Martyn and Samiyam on Thursday and ended up staying an extra day on Friday.

That extra night the good people over at FM4 asked me to come in and do a short interview and dj set. It seemed like most of the other djs coming into the studio were playing more danc-y type sets. So, given the gentle mist of rain outside, the proximity to rolling hills and a massive river, I figured I would go a more gentle route. (I admit this mix is more of something my alter ego “Welder” would put out, but the world is a weird place, you never know what can happen.) Here is the simple gentle set. Enjoy." Eskmo @ www.eskmo.com

Eskmo could not start his last mini-mix with a better choice than Clark's 'Absence'. The opener is immediately setting the listener to a calm, relaxed setting of little rainy hot and lazy summer evening that you won't be willing to leave for hours and after the last track you will become to pray for some more... lovely. Enjoy listening or download from Soundcloud.com. J. 

Btw., go to Eskmo's blog if you wanna see few pics from the event in Graz ;)
Track list:
1) Clark: “Absence” 
2) Yuichiro Fujimoto: “Open Window (For Piano)” 
3) Aphex Twin: “Tha” 
4) Bibio: “St. Christopher” 
5) DJG: “BC3″ 
6) Panda Bear: “Drone”

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