Artist:       Bandshell
EP:           Bandshell
Release date: May 30th, 2011
Label:        teaandcakerecords

Teaandcakerecords is a small independent label based in Hereford & Blackburn U.K. EP "Bandshell" by Bandshell that they released today is the third EP released on the label, following releases by Brotto, Grassland EP and Brotto Remixes.

5 tracks EP Badnshell's opener "Peel It (Hour String)" won't let you in any hesitation that this guy definitely "wants to make his own fucking music" and that he means it pretty serious. Agressive broken beats surrounded by disturbing sounds are fluently transforming to the amazing beats making lesson in second track "Midas".
Starting with "Memories Of Melting Ice", Bandshell is taking the listener to dark, deep space full of massive beats in somehow slower tempo in comparison to the first half of the EP. In the days when big dubstep labels are investigating the possibilities of mixing beats with even more soul vocals, r'n'b influences and even pop melodies, Bandshell EP is taking the oposite direction to the roots of the broken beats and underground electronic music bringing the term "leftfield electronica" to the game. More than worth to listen!

Grab your own copy available for free download and enjoy this massive ride! J.
30/5/2011 02:33:40 am

Thank you so much for this. Great piece

30/5/2011 02:44:47 am

heh... thanks to you guys - for such a great release ;)


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