Artist:       Unit-E
Album:        Beats, Love & Unit​-​E
Release date: May 24th, 2011
Label:        Trust in Dust
Available for free download here

New beats coming out each day... 

Back in 2009 Unit-E put together a collection of 9 tracks that finally have been discovered and released two years later on May 24th, 2011 on Trust In Dust label. 

Luckily Beats, Love & Unit-E did not loose anything while waiting two years for the official release and the journeying beats & electronica that the album is filled with is remaining topical. Nice chilly hip-hop beats accompanied by the elements of soul ('Believe') and reminiscents of late 90's Vienna downtempo movement ('The Rhythm') and occasional descent vocal samples would be a perfect headphones soundtrack for summer evening walks on the river Danube bank even in 1999 as well as these days. 

Well, not much experiments and not much new found here, but if you look for relaxed beats produced with uncompromising skills for the moments when you need to cool down, Beats, Love & Unit-E is definitely worth to try.

Grab your own copy for free here. J.

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