Album:  I don't want to be an emperor
Artist: Hugo Kant
Release Date: June 27th, 2011
Label:  Bellring
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It is just one month ago that the very first EP of Mr Quentin Le Roux staring his solo project under the name 'Hugo Kant' was released. Three tracks EP 'Searching London EP' was well received by the listeners and up to day Hugo Kant is approaching 20000 listens and 1500 downloads on Soundcloud. Pretty good start for the beginner, one would say. Honestly, the fact is Mr Le Roux is no beginner in music scene at all... Who's Hugo Kant then...?

Quentin Le Roux (Hugo Kant) was born on June 15th, 1976 in Marseille, France. At the age of 5 he started to study piano, guitar and music theory at the national music school and 13 years later he created his first music band 'Güs Weg Watergang' together with Simon Fayolle (aka Braka), Sébastien Smither, Olivier Dumaine and Richard Rozembaum. 

This psychedelic jazz-rock band was already introducing Quentin as a gifted multi instrumentalist playing keyboards, flute, clarinet and sampler. Since 2002 when he left 'Güs Weg Watergang' he played in many different bands. Currently he's a part of  Samenakoa, Picture Shop and electro-jazz band Nuestra Cosa and playing even more instruments including drums, flute, clarinet, flugelhorn and bass guitar.

And, of course, he's also staring his solo project 'Hugo Kant' with debut LP 'I don't want to be an emperor' that is due to be released on Bellring label on June 27th, 2011. I was lucky to get a copy of this album from Quentin and listen to this very fresh stuff already. Curious about what to expect...? Read further... ;)
Hugo Kant (Quentin Le Roux)

According to Hugo Kant's official web page and official profiles on social networks, you should be prepared for a big portion of downtempo, nu-jazz, acoustic music and trip-hop. Frankly spoken, do not believe that. 

The portion is even bigger than it could seem and cooked out of much more ingredients than mentioned above. Hip-hop, breakbeat, nu-jazz, acid jazz, downtempo as well as uptempo, trip-hop, psychedelic rock influences, electro, heavy sampling, touch of symphonics, and lots of acoustic music ... All these genres Hugo Kant mixes together with an ease like if it was the most natural thing. 13 tracks of the debut album could easily fit into The Herbalizer's or Dj Shadow's sets as well as into jazz or rock festivals, side by side with music of Jaga Jazzist, The Cinematic Orchestra or polish Skalpel .

The first listen to 'I don't want to be an emperor' recalled few years old memories in me. Can you also remember the amazing debut LP of Xploding Plastix 'Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents' LP? Than probably you will face this dejavu the same as I did. Not that there is nothing new on Hugo Kant's release, but the style and ease of browsing various genres and tempos are very similiar. 

Anyway, there's much differences there still and that's only good. Where Xploding Plastix' debut were going wild and rough, Hugo Kant is keeping a typical french elegance and groovy flow. The excellent sounds of flute presented in the album are also definitely not letting you hesitate, that this music has been born in France and will make you ask yourself "Fuck, how could I forget about Ludovic Navarre already?". 

Le Roux' lots of experiences from other bands (as an instrumentalist as well as the composer) and his love for technology and solid knowledge of studio work is relflected in the precise production of all tracks. Each one of them has it's own particular mood and orchestration but the album is remaining consistent and keeps listener's attention from the begining till the end providing him with colourful, dope picture of these days' jazz and electronic music. 

With a bit of luck, this album should become really big one day... Do not miss that.

Enjoy the free samples to listen, J.
I don't want to be an emperor tracklist:

1.  This old tune                                           05:13
2.  June                                                    04:21
3.  Thou shalt not kill (scratch by Zé Mateo - Chinese Man) 04:09
4.  Ranjia (scratch by Zé Mateo - Chinese Man)              04:01
5.  Awakening                                               00:49
6.  5 for you and 5 for me                                  04:41
7.  Leonids                                                 05:44
8.  No Jazz                                                 04:17
9.  I don't want to be an emperor                           05:24
10. The Chord Cracker                                       05:03
11. Delirium                                                03:56
12. Nocturne                                                01:22
13. So Why ?                                                04:22

Album I don't want to be an emperor by Hugo Kant is due to be released by Bellring on June 27th, 2011. Buy it here.

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